Video Surveillance Systems

Whether You’re Responsible For The Safety Of Employees And Customers, Reducing The Threat Of Burglary, Vandalism Or Liability Claims, Or A Residential Building Manager Accountable For Protecting The Grounds And Tenants, Video Surveillance Is Crucial To Help Keeping Your Facility Safe And Secured.

VSS specializes in the design and installation of custom video surveillance solutions for residential buildings and commercial properties in Mumbai. We offer a full range of video surveillance systems including security cameras, video recording devices (DVR, NVR, Hybrid), video management software (VMS) and long-term data storage.

VSS partners with the industry leading security camera providers and offers high quality products from top brands such as Hikvision, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Dahua and more.

2000+ people have put their trust in CCTV, How about you?